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オーナー兼スタイリスト 久保佳子

美容師歴25年以上、自身の生まれ故郷、熊本で美容師を始め、1997年にニューヨークへ単身渡米。その後、20年をNYにて美容師として活躍。マンハッタンにある有名店で数店舗働き、ローカルテレビメディアNY1に自身の得意とする縮毛矯正の技術で取材されたり、モデル、女優、著名人などのヘアーにも携わり、一時期は、今は亡き米大女優 Mary Tyler Moore の専属ヘアースタイリストとして働いた時期もあり、ファッション誌(米国誌)などの仕事にも携わった。

Owner & Hair Dresser Yoshiko Kubo

Working in beauty industry more then 25 years, I started to work in my hometown Kumamoto.
After that a couple of years past, I've moved to NY in 1997. My style was inspired and developed when I lived in NY. I've worked in New York City for 20 years at well known salons where I styled hair for some famous people in the US including actress Mary Tyler Moore. I learned unique styling skills including the Dry Cut technique at a specialized salon by Eiji Yamane who is a master of dry hair cut stylist in NY. Another speciality of mine is the Japanese Hair Straightening(Thermal reconditioning)technique. I've used products by Milbon in NY. This products gives the best result for Japanese Hair Straightening. I was also featured from local TV news NY1, beauty magazines and NY Times newspaper in US for Japanese hair straightening.

Since moving to Tokyo in 2017, I worked at several salons and decided to finally open my own salon in Nippori.

With more than 25 years of experience working with various hair types, I am confident that I can help you achieve that look you desire. My goal is to bring smiles and happiness to everyone through my work.
I hope to see you soon!


Dry Cut

女性カット(Women's cut) ¥5,500 男性カット(Men's cut)  ¥4,500 学割カット(student cut) ¥3,500 キッズカット(Kids cut) ¥2,500 前髪カット(bangs, fringe) ¥1,000 シャンプー&ブロー(Shampoo and blow)¥3500(short, medium hair) シャンプー&ブロー(Shampoo&Blow)¥4000(long hair) ※カット料金には、シャンプー、ブロー含みます。 ※税抜き価格です ※All the services are include shampoo and blow dry. ※Not include sales tax 10%.

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Dry Cut (Original Hair Cut)

女性カット(Women's cut)¥8,000 男性カット(Men's cut) ¥7,000

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Hair Color

おしゃれ染め(whole head) ¥8000~ 根元のみ(retocuh roots) ¥6000~ ハイライト(Highlights)¥12,000~ バリヤージュ(Balayage) ¥15,000~ ブリーチ(High Bleach) ¥10,000~ トナー(Toner)¥6,000~ 詳しいご料金は、お問い合わせ下さい。 Please ask detail menu and price by contact.

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Japanese Hair Straightening

縮毛矯正  ショート(short) ¥20,000 ミディアム(medium)¥22,500 ロング(long) ¥25,000

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パーマ(permanent wave) ¥8,000~ トリートメントパーマ¥9,000~ ご料金は、長さによって変動致します。 The price would be different by length. Please ask for detail by contact.

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Deep conditioning treatment


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Eyelash Extension

まつげエクステ シングルラッシュ(Single mink)100本 ¥5,000 120本 ¥6000 140本¥7,000 160本¥8,000 180本¥9,000 つけ放題(Unlimited)60分¥5,000 リムーブ(remove)¥500~1000 セーブルラッシュ(Flat Lash)は、上記料金にプラス¥1,000(Extra 1,000yen above single lash prices) 下まつげ(Under Lash) ¥2,000

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All the services are not include 10% tax.


Yoshiko is fantastic! I have very thick, unruly hair and am also lazy when it comes to styling. Yoshiko listened to what I hoped to achieve and then advised me on which cut would work the best for me type of hair and lifestyle. And I love the results! My hair looks "styled" even when I let it air dry, and I got compliments all the time. Yoshiko is also really talented with highlights. I am a natural blonde who is quickly starting to have more gray hair than blonde. Once again, Yoshiko came to rescue, advising me on which color and highlight placement would look most natural and help me go the longest between coloring sessions. Thanks, Yoshiko!"

Katie Ortiz

I love Yoshiko!!! When I moved to Japan, I was so thankful to find someone who speaks English and even now I follow her because it is so hard to find a hair stylist that you can trust. More so, she is so easy to befriend and I enjoy talking to her about life in Tokyo and living abroad. She is funny, understanding, and very skilled, especially because I am very picky and impatient when it comes to my hair. After having a haircut from her though, I feel more confident and my hair grows well, unlike other stylists where it doesn't grow out the right way. She even solved my dandruff problem right away! Anything that has to do with my hair, she is my go-to person!"

Ana Aquino

Always had problems with my hair as it is too straight and does not want to follow how I want it to look like. This led me to jump from stylist to stylist and barber to barber until I met Yoshiko. Moving to Japan was difficult because of the language barrier, especially with services like haircuts and when I met her I immediately felt comfortable and seeing how she helped me with my hair definitely made me one of her loyal customers. Looking forward to my next haircut!"

Thomas Aquino

I was so happy with the work that Yoshiko did with my blond hair. Although she's a great colorist, the thing that surprises me the most was when I had a dry cut. I was skeptical at first, but the result was amazing, and because I have a very busy schedule, with little time to sit at the hair dresser, this was perfect for someone like me. I had a master stylist give me a master style for a fraction of the time. Excellent!!!"

Viv Plummer



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